Canine owners hate leaving their pets behind while traveling. We know how worried a pet owner feels about leaving their pets. We have come up with dog boarding hotel. This allows the canine owners to leave their pets in the hands of specialists. At our dog boarding hotel, we provide all the facilities to the dogs that a hotel normally provide to a human. We take care of everything.

Dog Hotel Serives

Our dog boarding hotel is unique in every way. We provide unmatched services in our field. We have dog lovers under our payroll who take care of our guests. They ensure that our guests feel comfortable and make them feel at home. We have services like suites and rooms that are equipped with distinct types of beds. We also provide our guest with TV show feeds based on pets. The doors and floorings are made of unique material that prevents unnecessary nuances from disturbing our guest. Our playroom section has fun toys to play with for our guests. Our team supervises all the activities that your pet does in the playroom. This ensures complete safety of your pet. We make sure that our rooms and all the hotel premises remain clean so that our guest does not face any problems. We understand your worries and attachment with your pet. We also provide you with an option where you can hear about your pets' stay from our team. We will even put him on line so that you can listen to him. We have chefs who make healthy foods and snacks for your pets that provide them complete nourishment.


We select our business partner in a strict manner. One of our basic criteria of selection was their passion for petting. Our team loves pets, and it shows off when they greet each pet with a smile, but says bye to them with a heavy heart. This is how emotionally connected our team is with each pet that comes in our dog boarding services. They provide 24 X 7 services to our guests. To ensure that your pet is healthy we also have veterinarians who keep a check on your pets around the clock. We have our own certification on which we give marks to our employees. Our employees are required to go through this certification check annually. Separation anxiety is one of the most difficult things that a pet can go through, but our team is specialized in handling such a situation. Our team is always on toes to make sure that your pet faces no problems.


If you are looking for a service that you can rely on without worrying much about your pet, then you should try our dog daycare services. It has all the necessary amenities and distinctive services to pamper your pet. We will take care of your pet as a member of our family. This is our motto, and this is what we follow.