Vacation is a time that is synonymous with fun and carefree days. It is a time when you should be able to leave all your worries behind and relax. If you are a dog owner, you have an obligation towards your pet to provide caring for your pet while you enjoy your vacation.

Many people have the luxury to take their dog along on holiday, but not every person has this choice due to regulations of the vacation destination, transportation restriction or the breed of the dog. To these people, there are many other options available, such as a dog boarding facility. Using a dog boarding facility in has many advantages considering the health and quarantine laws regarding dogs and it is an option worth considering.


Boarding facilities 

The internet is a goldmine when you search for a boarding home for your dog. Malaysia has many dog boarding homes to choose from and finding the correct accommodation for your dog may seem easy. It is important not to choose the first available boarding home, but rather take the time and do proper research before you make a choice.

Factors to consider have to suit both the needs of yourself and of your dog. To many people the pricing of the boarding facility is the greatest deciding factor, but the price you pay in Ringgits should never override the value of your dog.

When deciding on boarding for your dog, visit the facility, perhaps even unannounced, to see the circumstances in which your dog will be boarding. Take time to look around, meet the staff and ask as many questions regarding the facility as you can.

It is important that the staff is caring and passionate about dogs. If you have no personal references to work on, hear from local Malaysian animal control facilities if they are aware of any feedback or complaints regarding the specified boarding facility. The ideal boarding home should be a home where you feel your dog will be treated the same way you would treat your dog when you take care of him.

Malaysia has boarding centers with webcam facilities where you can view the facilities and the dogs online and experience in real time how your dog is treated. This is a great initiative for added peace of mind.



When you find the correct boarding home for your dog, the benefits are ample. Interaction with other dogs is very useful when your dog is a social dog. Playing along with other dogs is beneficial to the social development of your dog and at the same time provides exercise to your dog.

You should be assured that your pooch is in a safe environment and receives daily meals and fresh water. Enquire beforehand if the boarding home provides the meals or if you should provide the necessary food for your dog.

Personal contact with humans will also ensure that your dog will adapt easier while you are gone and will provide comfort if your dog feels sad when you depart. This should be useful if your dog prefers human contact and does not socialize a lot with other dogs.

Boarding homes for dogs need to adhere to health and safety regulations of Malaysian municipalities and dogs should be up to date with vaccination against recognized diseases that dogs are prone to when boarding with unfamiliar dogs.



Choosing a reputable boarding home for your dog will provide him or her with a safe and enjoyable vacation of his own and you can be rest assured that your dog will be wagging his tail when you return.