Pet owners all over the world know that having a pet means to have an extra member of the family. This means they have a commitment to their pets and to provide the best care to them. This commitment also applies to vacation time as your responsibility does not end the moment you leave for your destination.

Having a pet dog brings different challenges as dogs are not as independent and self maintaining as cats and you cannot leave an unlimited supply of food for dogs to eat at their own discretion as you would with fish. Dogs also demand the physical contact with humans to flourish.

These qualities make boarding for dogs a popular choice for dog owners. In Malaysia a relatively new way of dog boarding has emerged and is becoming increasingly more popular. This is to make use of in home dog boarding services. This option literally means to leave your precious dog at the home of a responsible caretaker.


Advantages of using in home dog boarding

In home dog boarding is a very personal way of accommodation for your dog. Rules and regulations in Malaysia regarding boarding of dogs enhance the need for this more personal way of dog boarding. Restrictions are placed on the amount of pets allowed per household and Malaysian dog boarding businesses need to comply with the Code of practice and the Business Opportunity Law.

Your dog will have a less crowded place to stay than normal kennels. Not only will he or she have more space and freedom, the risk of contracting known kennel diseases is greatly reduced. Dogs prone to anxiety will benefit from this more intimate setup.

The humid climate in Malaysia affects not only humans, but also pets. In home boarding for your dog ensures better ventilation and air conditioning if all the regulations are met.

The greatest advantage of in home boarding is probably the personal attention that your dog will receive and the comforting décor of more familiar surroundings.


Important information to consider

Your dog will be in the personal care of a stranger and you need to make sure about the circumstances where you will leave your dog. Visit social networks and forums to gain information on your chosen accommodation for your dog and hear what the experience was of other people using the same in home boarding.

The best option will be to visit the home personally and to be aware of the surroundings of the boarding home. You need to be aware of how many other dogs will be boarding there at the same time and the health of the various dogs. Ensure that your dog is also up to date with his necessary vaccinations.

Ask permission to view the areas where your dog will be kept and take note of the neatness and sanity of the house. Enquire about exercise routines and where it will be applied, on or off the premises.

Feeding and fresh water is very important and you need to be clear on the schedules and information regarding the nutrition provided. It is important to mention if your dog requires additional nourishment or medications.

Most importantly you need to know that the owners and staff are qualified and experienced to take care of your dog. Follow your sixth sense, because dog lovers can search out each other and leave your dog at home boarding premises where you know he will receive the same care that you would have given to him.