Doggy love to run, they love jumping and barking. Everyone loves his or her dogs or puppies, but they face many issues while travelling. Some places have restrictions on pets. We too love canines and understand the worries of a pet owner that is why we have come up with a concept of kennel dog boarding in Malaysia. We provide canines the same comfort that they get in their homes.



We provide unfenced environment for playing around to the canines in our dog accomodations. These environments allow doggie to play and help them in easily adapting to the new place. Our love for dogs is what differentiates us. We treat them as a part of our family. The environment that we provide allows the canines to make new friends. There are other dogs with which your canine can play in the boundary-less environment. Wagging their tails, the canine remains excited throughout their stay.



Our team is not made up of professionals, but it is made up of pure canine lovers who have their own pets. They have learned to take care of their pets through their experience with their own pets. They are what we can say as true dog lovers. They work all day and night to make sure that your dogs get a treatment that they always deserved. Our employees are emotionally connected with each dog in our kennel boarding services.



At our dog hotel, we have given more emphasis on providing a natural and clean environment for canines. We have apple orchids, pine tree, and clean surroundings for our canines. Our teams of canine instructors or canine lovers are masters in their work. They know how to give exceptional training to all the canines, which is part of their overall pampering and grooming. If the weather outside is not good to play for the canine, then we provide them a temperature controlled indoor facility. This facility allows our tail-wagging friends a safe place to continue their playful activities. There are soft beds provided in this indoor place on which they can jump and enjoy their time. They can have a fun time with other canine friends in this environment. We also provide several mental stimulation games and toys for playing to our little friends. These games are designed to help them in being reflexive and active.

Dog Day Care


At a puppy boarding Malaysia, we do not just deliver our services, but also give dog owners a relief to their worries. The promise is to keep your little canine comfortable even in your absence. Our team makes sure that the stay of all the dogs is worthy enough. They enjoy the company of the canine and provide them a family like environment. We just try to take your place as a guardian for your pet in your absence and always try to improve our services and device out new ways each day.