At dog walker Malaysia, we understand the difficulty that most of the dog owners faced in taking their dogs to a routine walk every day. We have thus tried to reduce the stress from the dog owners by providing them with a perfect solution to this problem. We have a team of dog walkers who are the answer to this problem. A walk for a dog is not just a walk, but it is the whole exercise regime for them. The dog walking is a service in which the dog will walk in their neighborhoods. We have people who can match the speed of your dog. They can walk with your dog while keeping the age and fitness of your dog in mind.



We named our services as Happy Dog Walking Services because we know that we are taking the dogs out for some 'adventure' and it is one of the moment that majority of the pets would enjoy. We are available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Our area coverage are Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Bangsar, Bukit Damansara & Kepong Desa Park City. 

The services fee is RM50 for an hour, RM25 for 30 minutes.

We will take your dog from your home and start walking from there to the nearest park or within the neighbourhood. If space are limited, we will bring your pet to the nearest dog-friendly park for safety purposes.

We will keep an eye on your pet just like our own one so that:

  • they keep a safe distance from the busy road.
  • they do not get too close to other dog / animal that might potentially harm them.
  • they do not lick / drink any harmful chemical liquid on the floor.
  • they do not go missing.

We will feed them water if they are thirsty. If you want, we do provide healthy dog snacks as well.

Only RM2 is required for booking deposit. You could pay the remaining on the dog walking day. 

Reserve your time slot now while it is still available!


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We know how worried a pet owner feels when he asks someone to take care of his or her pets. We ensure that the safety of all the dogs comes first. The next vital thing that we focus on is making the walk a full fun activity for the dog. We provide two types of walks to the dogs, group walks or individual walks.



A group walk has its own charm. It consists of a walker and maximum of four dogs taken to a walk that may vary from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the age and health of the dog. The dogs will be under the supervision of the team member all the time. We ensure that the groups that we form do not cause any issues and all the dogs just gel together with each other. During the walks, the walker can take the dogs off leash or on a leash. The team member knows how he needs to interact with the dogs and how he needs to manage the group walks. He knows exactly when he needs to take off the leash and when he should not. The dogs’ in-group walks play with each other. The walker takes care of all the playful activities that take place between these dogs. If there is a room for an addition of dog in a group, then the dog walker initially assesses the behavior of the new dog and matches it up with the dogs of the group. If he feels that the new dog can gel up with other dogs then he adds the new dog in the group.

First Class Dog Walker


INDIVIDUAL WALKS & TRAINING provide individual walks as well. We provide individual walk if the owners emphasize on doing so. This kind of one on one interaction of the dog and member of the dog walker is not merely limited to walking, but it also includes the training of the dog as well. We give training to dogs to walk without a leash. Therefore, the next time when you take your dog out all you need to do is call his name and forget the use of leash completely. We strive our best to provide the best possible service. In case you need dog boarding hotel services, feel free to drop us an email for enquiries.

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